Israeli-Arab employees glorifying violence will be disciplined

The Civil Service Commission announced it will not tolerate racist statements “in light of the situation.”

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

The Civil Service Commission is opening disciplinary proceedings against state employees who have glorified violence over the last week or made racist statements in social media, Ynet reported Saturday.

“These days the State of Israel is under military attack,” wrote Guy David, senior director of the Disciplinary Division of the Civil Service Commission to the managements of government ministries.

“At the same time, riots are taking place across the country that include severe violence between Arabs and Jews.… Against this background, we are encountering unacceptable statements of state employees on social media, including racist expressions and declarations that support acts of violence.”

Since civil servants are restricted as to the manner in which they can express themselves, he continued, “In light of the present security situation, we intend to take a hard line…. In appropriate cases, we intend to open disciplinary investigations and prosecute employees who violate these provisions and even consider their suspension.”

Among the posts that caught the Commission’s attention are those from Arabs working in state-run hospitals.

One employee blamed the Jews for killing Arabs “while we watch,” and posted, “Anyone who offers services to Jews as part of his work is a lowly person. No doctors, no nurses … no cleaning, no construction [work]….Every Arab who goes to work is worthy of contempt.”

Another posted a cartoon of world media focusing on a crying Jewish child while ignoring blood-drenched bodies of Gazan children with the hashtags #FreePalestine and #Gazaunderattack. A third had a picture of a soldier of the Border Police arresting a smiling Palestinian, with the caption, “Smile because you are a Palestinian – they are trembling occupiers.”

The anti-Israel posts stand in sharp contrast to widespread media reports last week of staff in several hospitals calling for peaceful coexistence between the sectors.

Haifa’s Rambam Hospital started a social media campaign showcasing its Jewish and Arab staff standing together holding peace signs in both Hebrew and Arabic. “We are all together,” said the hospital on Instagram.

“In these complicated days, the nursing staff and employees from various sectors in the hospital have united under the messages of peace, coexistence, unity and solidarity…and wish to spread this important message onward.”

Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer also disseminated group pictures of its mixed staff holding up handmade signs saying such slogans as, “We beat corona together!” “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and “We continue together” with a picture of a heart.

Tel Hashomer is in Ramat Gan, the target of several rocket attacks, and has treated dozens of patients as a result of injuries incurred as a direct or indirect result.