Israeli authorities demolish illegal Palestinian homes in Jerusalem

Israeli authorities on Tuesday demolished two Palestinian homes built illegally in the City of David National Park in Jerusalem’s Old City.

By: Atara Beck, World Israel News

The two homes, built in 2002, were razed by Israel’s police and Israel’s Parks Authority.

An Israeli court rejected a final appeal submitted by the Palestinians two months ago and ruled that the illegal structures be demolished immediately.

The Regavim organization, a research-based legal advocacy NGO dedicated to ensuring accountable use of Israel’s national land, and which promoted the home demolitions, lauded the authorities for enforcing the law.

“These homes were built inside of a very important national park 15 years ago. We have reached a situation in which we have been waging a legal war of attrition for such a long period until the problems were fixed and the situation restored to its original state, and therefore it is important to strengthen the national parks in Jerusalem and to enable immediate enforcement against any new incursion,” Regavim said in a statement.