Israeli Chief Rabbi to Netanyahu: Help Stop Anti-Semitism

Israel’s Sephardic Chief Rabbi told Netanyahu that the eyes of “our brothers in the Diaspora…are directed to you” for help in stopping the wave of anti-Semitism in the US.  

Israeli Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef called upon Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday to do his utmost to help stop the new wave of anti-Semitic incidents that has struck the United States since January.

“Do everything you can to prevent the desecration of these cemeteries and the increase in anti-Semitism that has occurred in the US of late,” said Rabbi Yosef at a Foreign Ministry ceremony marking the 25th anniversary of a mass-casualty terror attack on Israel’s embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“At this time in which we are commemorating this hateful event in the Diaspora, it is appropriate to use this platform and to request of you and of the officials in the Foreign Ministry not to remain silent in the face of this phenomenon of the desecration of Jewish cemeteries, which we have been exposed to in recent days in the US,” Yosef stated.

“Your voice is the voice our brothers in the Diaspora are expecting to hear,” he continued.  “Their eyes are directed to you.”

By: Jonathan Benedek, World Israel News