Israeli developer: From destruction to rebuilding in Beit El

“In recent years my family name has been associated with destruction. Now that has been corrected,” developer Meir Dreinoff said of the new building permits in Beit El.

By: World Israel News Staff

Three years after Israeli security forces destroyed the Dreinoff buildings in Beit El, in the Benyamin region, developer Meir Dreinoff received notice that he is one of three contractors awarded a tender to build a new neighborhood where the old one was destroyed.

In 2015, after a bitter and protracted legal battle in which Palestinians claimed the land was private, the court issued a demolition order for the four-floor buildings built by Dreinoff.

Confrontations broke out between the security forces and Israelis blocking the demolition process, but the homes were destroyed.

At the time, Dreinoff said the demolition was not the end of the story, vowing to rebuild in Beit El. That dream came true recently when Dreinoff received a tender to constructi 34 housing units in the new neighborhood of Beit El.

The new neighborhood will include 300 housing units in total and will be built together with two other contractors.

Shai Alon, head of the Beit El council, commented, “After a decade without construction, we are pleased and excited to see that we have obtained all the permits, we have completed the contractors’ tender, and very soon we will commence with the construction.”

Dreinoff also expressed his pleasure at the developments.

“I am glad that during this time of the year, moments before the beginning of the New Year, we are beginning with construction in Beit El,” he stated this week.

“In recent years my family name has been associated with destruction. Now, the correction has been made and we will build dozens of housing units for young couple who will arrive and develop the area”