Israeli injured in attack by Arabs at Joshua’s Tomb holy site

Jewish worshipers at the tombs of Joshua and Caleb near the city of Ariel in Samaria were attacked by Arabs who threw rocks at them on Sunday night.


Several Israeli worshipers visited the tombs of of biblical figures Joshua and Caleb (Yehoshua Ben-Nun and Kalev Ben Yefuna) on Sunday night, located in the Arab village of Kafel Harath, near the city of Ariel.

The worshipers were attacked by Arabs who threw rocks at them.

One of the Israelis was hit in the head with a rock and was treated for light injuries before being evacuated to Beilinson Hospital for further treatment.

The entry to the site is usually coordinated with the IDF and occurs several times a year.

The prayers take place only during the night and under heavy security provided by the Israeli forces.

It appears that this visit was not coordinated with the IDF.