Israeli lawmaker calls UN secretary-general a ‘spokesman for Hamas’

The former Israeli ambassador to the UN recalled says UN secretary-general ‘crossed the line.’

By World Israel News Staff

Danny Danon, former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations criticized United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, calling him a  “very hostile position toward Israel.”

In a 103FM radio interview on Wednesday, Danon said, “Sometimes I don’t know if he’s a spokesman for the UN or a spokesman for Hamas.”

When the radio host asked Danon if his calling Guterres a “spokesman for Hamas” would “advance Israel’s goals in the world,” Danon replied that Guterres should be thought of as a persona non grata by Washington and among Israel’s allies.

“He crossed the line, and I know him personally,” he continued. “I hosted him at my house for Shabbat meals, he toured the Gaza Strip with me, we went inside Hamas’s tunnels. He knows what all this is about, and so the biased stance he adopted is very grave.”

MK Danon expressed indignation at a series of criticisms Guterres has made against Israel since the beginning of the conflict. On Tuesday, the UN Secretary-General said he was “troubled by the loss of life in hospitals in Gaza” without mentioning Hamas’ positioning its headquarters beneath the hospitals.

Most notably, on October 24, Guterres said the October 7th massacres “didn’t happen in a vacuum. They happened after 56 years of occupation.” Israel disengaged from Gaza in 2005, and Hamas invaded areas that were always part of the 1948 borders of Israel.

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Danon continued his criticism of Guterres, “Every day he issues messages against Israel, he doesn’t mention the hostages at all, he thinks we went on this operation because we wanted to, it’s outrageous.”

The MK expressed resolve to finish the task of eliminating Hamas, “This time we must complete the task, defeat Hamas. We need to remind the public that we are currently operating in a very small part of Gaza.”