Israeli lawmaker faints as Knesset views footage of Hamas massacres

‘I held out for 5 minutes then ran out sobbing.’ MKs watch footage from Hamas’ October 7th invasion of southwestern Israel and the accompanying massacres.

By Susan Tawil, World Israel News

Israeli lawmakers expressed their shock and horror last week, after watching footage recorded during Hamas’ massacres of Israelis across southwestern Israel on October 7th, with at least one Knesset Member passing out from the ordeal.

Some 3,000 Gaza terrorists flooded into Israel on the morning of October 7th, after the border fence was breached in multiple places.

The terrorists overran IDF positions and nearly two dozen Israeli towns, slaughtering over 1,400 Israelis, most of them civilians. Thousands more were wounded during the onslaught, and more than 240 kidnapped.

Using body cameras and cell phones, the terrorists gloatingly recorded their abominable actions as they slaughtered innocents, proudly posting them to social media afterward.

These videos, coupled with the evidence captured by security cameras and dashcams, were collected by the Israeli government. The gory images were compiled into a 43-minute video documenting a fraction of the horrors of the October 7 attack.

The video was shown to the foreign press corps recently, and shown to Members of Knesset (Israel’s Parliament) last Wednesday. Not all of the lawmakers could handle what they saw.

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Likud Party MK Gilat Distel-Atbaryan posted on X (formerly Twitter): “I held out…for five minutes and then I ran out, sobbing and shaking.”

MK Eli Dallal (Likud) left after 10 minutes. Likud MK Tsega Melaku reportedly fainted. Psychologists were called to the Knesset and the Knesset physician offered the MKs anxiety medication.

Labor Party MK Naama Lazimi watched most of the video, but couldn’t endure a particularly cruel photo of a murdered baby. “It was so painful and difficult that I had to leave. The image will be engraved in the depths of my soul forever,” she posted on X.

Said MK Vladimir Beliak (Yesh Atid Party): “It’s forbidden to forget and forbidden to forgive. Forever.”

MK Boaz Bismuth (Likud) said the IDF should release the video to the public “so that the whole world will know what happened to us.”

MK Michal Waldiger (Religious Zionism Party) noted: “The citizens of Gaza (Arab Muslim civilians) also participated in the massacre with unimaginable cruelty, so don’t talk about the uninvolved.”

The Knesset consensus seemed to be that the video presenting evidence of Hamas depravity would help the world understand Israel’s need to eradicate the terror group.