Israeli seriously wounded in stabbing attack, teen terrorist arrested

The stabbing comes amid an uptick of violence against Israelis. 

By Debbie Reiss, World Israel News

An Israeli man was stabbed in a Palestinian terror attack in Samaria on Tuesday evening, the Israeli military said.

The IDF immediately launched a manhunt for the terrorist, who escaped after stabbing the 55-year-old victim outside the Palestinian village of al-Funduq, near the Israeli community of Kedumim. Later in the evening, they arrested the suspect – 19-year-old Younis Hilan from the village of Haija, near Qalqilya.

The victim was seriously injured and treated at the scene before being evacuated to hospital by paramedics.

“According to passersby, the man was attacked when he entered a store inside the village,” one paramedic said, adding that he was stabbed in the stomach.

The stabbing came amid a spike in terror attacks in the area, many of which were carried out by the Lions’ Den terror group.

Overnight Monday, Israeli troops killed five Palestinian gunmen from the group, including its leader, during a raid of a bomb-making lab in the Palestinian city of Nablus in Judea and Samaria.

Palestinians in the area fired at Israeli troops as well as hurling rocks and other objects, the military said.

The Lions’ Den terror group claimed responsibility for the murder of IDF Staff Sgt. Ido Baruch earlier this month and was also behind the planting of a bomb at a gas station in Kedumim, near the location of Tuesday’s stabbing attack.

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Days earlier, an Israeli man was stabbed in the back and seriously hurt in a terror attack in Jerusalem.

That day also saw a Palestinian driver shot and neutralized after ramming into a group of soldiers with his car. None of the soldiers were hurt.