Israeli man sues Burger King over non-kosher cheeseburger

Orthodox Jewish man in central Israel takes fast food giant to court after branch listed as kosher served him a real, non-kosher cheeseburger.

By World Israel News Staff

An Orthodox Jewish Israeli man has filed a lawsuit against a global fast food giant, accusing a branch of the fast food chain of duping him into eating a non-kosher meal.

The incident occurred in the central Israeli city of Hod HaSharon, at a Burger King branch in the local Azrieli mall, Yediot Aharanot reported.

According to the lawsuit, the Burger King branch in question advertised itself as being kosher, with a sign claiming the branch has kosher supervision.

Assured that the branch was kosher, the plaintiff ordered a cheeseburger, assuming that the cheese used for the meal was in fact a non-dairy substitute, since traditional Jewish law prohibits the mixing of meat and dairy.

Surprised at the quality of the cheese, the plaintiff asked the Burger King staff how non-dairy cheese could taste so authentic.

To his dismay, the Burger King staff informed the plaintiff that the branch was no longer kosher, and that the cheese was in fact dairy.

Following the filing of the lawsuit, Burger King Israel – the national franchise of the international Burger King brand – released a statement claiming that the company had decided to drop the Azrieli Hod HaSharon Mall branch’s kosher certification in 2021.

Burger King Israel said that the franchise had instructed the branch in question and officials at the mall to remove its kosher certificates.

While the mall’s managers told Burger King Israel that it had removed the branch’s kosher certificates, not all of the certificates were taken down as required.