Israeli minister accuses Qatar of fueling terror after Qatar claimed Netanyahu sabotaging hostage deal

Senior Israeli and Qatari officials trade accusations as hostage release talks hit impasse.

By David Rosenberg, World Israel News

Israeli and Qatari officials traded accusations Wednesday after talks aimed at securing a deal for the release of Israeli hostages in Gaza appeared to reach an impasse.

On Wednesday, Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman Majed al-Ansari accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of sabotaging the negotiations, conducted with Qatar acting as a broker.

Responding to reports a day earlier that Netanyahu was recorded disparaging Qatar and expressing his frustration that the Biden administration has not pressure Doha to exert more influence over Hamas to reach a deal, al-Ansari tweeted that Qatar’s government is “appalled” by Netanyahu’s comments, calling them “irresponsible and destructive to the efforts to save innocent lives.”

“If the reported remarks are found to be true, the Israeli PM would only be obstructing and undermining the mediation process, for reasons that appear to serve his political career instead of prioritizing saving innocent lives, including Israeli hostages.”

“Instead of concerning himself with Qatar’s strategic relations with the United States, we hope Netanyahu decides to operate in good faith and concentrate on the release of the hostages.”

According to a report by Channel 12, Netanyahu is quoted as saying: “You don’t hear me thanking Qatar….it is because in many ways it is more problematic” than the United Nations.

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That same day, over 100 pro-Israel protesters gathered outside the Qatari embassy in Washington D.C. to demand Doha push Hamas to release Israeli captives held in Gaza.

Later on Wednesday, Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich (Religious Zionist Party) castigated Qatar, responding to al-Ansari’s comments via Twitter/X

“Qatar is a country that supports terrorism and finances terrorism. It is the patron of Hamas and is largely responsible for the massacre of Israeli citizens committed by Hamas.”

“The West’s attitude towards it is hypocritical and based on unacceptable economic interests. The West can and should exert much stronger levers on it and bring about the release of the hostages immediately.”

“One thing is clear: Qatar will not be involved at all in what happens in Gaza the day after the war.”