Israeli mobster takes on Arab city to get back stolen horse

The mobster was going to get his horse back no matter what, a friend says. 

By World Israel News Staff

An Israeli mobster boss took a group of his men and entered Palestinian Authority-controlled territory to retrieve his stolen horse, Israel’s Channel 13 reported on Thursday.

The report said the event took place last week. It noted it could definitely have turned into a serious security incident.

The mobster, Nissim Alperon, didn’t bother informing the Israeli security authorities about the theft. He simply gathered a convoy of 10 cars and in the middle of the night headed into Qalqilya, an Arab city within PA control.

Shalom Zohar, a friend of Alperon’s, told Channel 13 that the mobster was going to get his horse back no matter what it took. “It’s a horse he raised as a baby,” he said.

Last week, Alperon discovered the horse was gone. It’s worth NIS 300,000. The report says it’s unlikely whoever stole the horse knew whom he was stealing from.

“We worked a few connections with pretty respectable people on the Palestinian side. We really went into Qalqilya, a half hour after the Ramadan fast ended. We arrived at the Palestinian police and demanded the horse,” Zohar said.

“A gathering started of all sorts of residents who didn’t look kindly at the Israelis coming right up to their homes. There was a really big concern that there would be some sort of lynching so the Palestinian Authority sent their police forces and succeeded in moving the crowd a bit.”

While waiting for the horse, the mobsters shared some sweet pastry with the Palestinian police.

A few hours later, Zohar, who acted as middleman, was called by the police and told to wait at the entrance to the city. The horse was brought to them and they returned home.