Israeli navy integrates new long-range torpedo system

Israel’s navy has successfully tested a new cutting-edge torpedo system that will considerably improve its attack capabilities. 

By: Yona Schnitzer/TPS

The Israeli Navy has successfully completed field testing of a new long-range submarine torpedo system, deeming it fit for operational use, an IDF spokesperson announced on Tuesday.

The Navy has been conducting a series of tests with the new torpedo for several months now in order to test its readiness. Tests included the firing of the new torpedo at ships simulating enemy vessels.

Following Monday’s completion of testing, the new torpedo will be integrated into the entirety of the IDF’s submarine fleet.

According to the IDF, the new torpedo system possesses improved accuracy capabilities and can be used against targets above and below water, dozens of kilometers away, allowing it to be effective at much longer ranges and against a wide variety of targets.

Furthermore, the torpedo may also be controlled remotely from within the firing submarine, allowing for maximum control and accuracy.

“[The new torpedoes], along with the stealth abilities of the submarines, embody a combination that grants us naval superiority against any enemy that tries to act from the sea,” said Colonel A, the IDF’s Submarine fleet commander, adding that “the integration of the system is a significant step in implementing the marine superiority of the IDF.”