Iran threat leads Israeli security cabinet to meet in underground bunker

With the the current Iranian threat looming, Netanyahu reportedly ordered security cabinet meetings to be held in a subterranean Jerusalem location for the time being.

By: World Israel News Staff

A recently built underground bunker in Jerusalem will host meetings of Israel’s security cabinet until further notice, representing a significant departure from the meeting’s traditional venue in the Prime Minister’s Office.

While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu provided no official reason for the decision to hold meetings in the new location, members of the Hebrew-language media commented that the intensifying conflict with Iranian forces in Syria may have necessitated the secure locale.

Notwithstanding Israel’s decisive military victories as of late via strikes on Iranian bases within Syria, including an early morning attack nearly two weeks ago during which Israeli F-15 and F-16 fighter jets decimated Iranian military assets, Iran has remained defiant, showing no intentions of backing down from regional conflicts.

In light of Iranian intransigence, Israel’s security cabinet is reportedly identifying the Jewish state’s red lines in terms of Iran’s continued activity in Syria.

Whether or not the security cabinet is also addressing Iran’s role in fomenting and bankrolling the Hamas terror organization’s violent “March of Return” remains to be seen, however, the new underground meeting location could also help secure information related to this matter.

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In addition, media leaks may also be minimized by meeting in the bunker, suggested a report by Times of Israel.