Israeli ship attacked by Iranian missile off Emirates coast

The ship, partially owned by an Israeli business, sustained light damage.

By World Israel News Staff

A ship, partially owned by an Israeli company, Ray Shipping Ltd., was hit by an Iranian missile while sailing in international waters off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, according to Lebanon and Iranian media.

No injuries have been reported and no Israelis were part of the crew. The ship flies under a Bahamian flag.

The ship, the Hyperion, is owned by the same company that owns the Helios Ray, which was struck on Feb. 26. That attack also was linked to Iran. It took place as the ship was about to enter the Arabian Sea. It reversed course and headed to a Dubai port for damage assessment.

The latest attack comes during a time of rising tensions between Iran and Israel as Iran negotiates a return to the 2015 nuclear deal, which Israel opposes. The countries’ hostilities have been expressing itself in blows against each other’s shipping, among other ways.

On April 7, Israel took responsibility for an attack on an Iranian logistics ship moored off in the Red Sea region.

A U.S. official said the Iranian ship was a military vessel disguised as a cargo ship providing support to Iranian naval commandos under the control of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

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On March 25, an Israeli-owned container ship was targeted by Iran. The ship, Lori, was hit by an Iranian missile in the Arabian Sea as it made its way from Tanzania to India. The ship, manned by a foreign crew, was lightly damaged. No casualties or injuries were reported.

In early March, Iran claimed Israel attacked one of its ships in the Mediterranean.

Iran recently suffered a major attack on its Natanz nuclear facility, which it blames on Israel. Western intelligence sources also finger Israel as the responsible party. Israel remains mum on its possible involvement.