Israeli Singer Protects Family from Violent Arab Mob

Surrounded by club-wielding Arabs in search of Jewish victims, an Israeli singer defended his wife and children and forced the mob to disperse.

Avi Miller, an Israeli singer who had spent Shabbat in Jerusalem at a hotel near the Mount of Olives, was returning home with his family Saturday night when he suddenly found himself surrounded by a group of approximately 150 Arabs in the A-Tur neighborhood.

According to Miller, the men had blocked traffic and were peering into cars to see if they contained Jews. Miller explained that the Arabs “smash[ed]i any Jewish vehicle with rocks,” reported Arutz Sheva and Kikar Hashabbat. Miller’s car was targeted, with the singer’s terrified children and wife stuck inside.

Miller, who is licensed to carry a firearm, quickly emerged from his car with his weapon drawn in an attempt to ward off the would-be attackers. Firing two warning shots into the air, Miller succeeded in forcing the rioters to disperse.

According to Miller, the rioters left their clubs behind after fleeing the scene. Officers responding to the scene confirmed that Miller had acted appropriately during the attempted attack.

The A-Tur neighborhood is part of Jerusalem and has made it into the news on a number of occasions due to terrorism and incitement.

By: World Israel News Staff