Israeli source: Obama failed regional peace effort

The Obama administration, not Netanyahu, ruined a proposal which could have been a historic chance for Middle East peace

The Obama administration crashed a regional peace initiative last year by trying to impose its terms for the accord, ones which Israel could not accept, according to a senior Israeli official.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed on Sunday that he attended a secret US-led summit with Arab leaders in early 2016 meant to jumpstart efforts toward a regional peace push, but told Likud ministers that he, and not then-US secretary of state John Kerry, was the initiator of the meeting.

An earlier report by Israel’s Ha’aretz blamed Netanyahu for the failure of the diplomatic initiative and also claimed that the meeting was launched by then-American Secretary of State John Kerry.

According to Ha’aretz, Netanyahu rejected the offer, saying he would not be able to garner enough support in his coalition government.

A report by Israel Radio, which quoted the Israeli source, said that the regional peace effort failed because the Obama administration sought to impose terms Netanyahu could not agree to.

By: World Israel News Staff