Israeli team builds Intel’s ‘best ever’ laptop processor

Technology giant Intel announced that its R&D researchers in Haifa developed its highest performance laptop processor ever.

By: World Israel News

According to Intel, its eighth generation “Core i9” processor is the highest-performance model it has ever developed for a laptop. Its Haifa-based team led the development of the new generation of processors.

The R&D team in Haifa has a number of previous laurels to its credit as well. In 2016, Intel-Haifa developed the “Kaby Lake” processor which was at the time considered the strongest and fastest ever made for desktop computers. The “Kaby Lake” has proven to be a big hit as a gaming processor. Intel says that as the PC gaming industry grows, new processors will provide desktop-like performance for laptops.

Intel also announced that its researchers are working to provide 360 degree video content and virtual reality to fulfill the need for higher performance in both desktop and laptop computers.

Intel began operations in Israel in 1974 and currently employs about 10,000 workers in its Kiryat Gat production center. Intel also operates R&D centers in Haifa, Jerusalem, Petach Tikva and Yakum. The research center in Haifa is Intel’s largest outside the United States.

Last year, Intel purchased the Jerusalem-based Mobileye driver assistance systems for $15.3, which was the largest acquisition ever for an Israeli tech company.