Israelis arrested in Dubai for photographing government facility

The two allegedly took a photo of a government facility and were arrested. Israel’s Foreign Ministry is investigating the case.

By Paul Shindman, World Israel News

Two Israelis were arrested in Dubai after – likely unwittingly – breaking the law by filming a government facility, Israel Hayom reported Sunday.

The details surrounding the case are not clear, and the two are reportedly in custody.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem is still investigating the details, but a senior official in the Jewish community in the United Arab Emirates confirmed the two had been arrested.

“I hope that such cases will not be repeated. The Emirates welcome Israelis with love and affection, and we do not want to see inappropriate behavior of Israelis in the UAE,” the unnamed source told Israel Hayom.

Israel and the UAE signed a peace accord in September. The two countries are working to establish tourism as a major backbone of the new relationship.

Many Israelis are already visiting in the UAE, even before a visa exemption for Israeli passport holders takes effect. Some entered the country through invitations received from official officials in the country or as dual citizens by using a non-Israeli passport.

Most public areas in the UAE are monitored by security cameras, and although few police are seen patrolling the streets, the authorities in the Emirates know how to track down offenses committed by using technology, the report noted.