Israelis warned to leave Turkey amid ‘concrete and immediate’ Iranian threat

“Evidently, there is [Iranian] infrastructure that has planned to act right now.”

By David Hellerman

Israel has directly asked 100 Israelis currently in Turkey to return home right away amid a “concreted and immediate” Iranian threat, Channel 12 reported on Monday night.

“Evidently, there is [Iranian] infrastructure that has planned to act right now,” the report said.

Iran is expected to retaliate for the assassination of of a senior Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) officer in Tehran. The IDF has already boosted its air defenses as a precaution against a possible missile or drone attack.

The report noted that the Mossad has already foiled a number of Iranian attempts to abduct or kill Israeli businessmen, and that Tehran now intends to target ordinary Israelis.

Channel 12 also noted that Turkish authorities are also working against the Iranian threat.

The National Security Council is urging Israelis not to travel to Turkey unnecessarily.

Further, the Council urges Israelis currently in Turkey to not draw the attention of others to their nationality, to avoid contact with strangers, to not give out personal information, and to have the phone numbers of Israeli representatives and local emergency services.

IRGC Col. Hassan Sayyad Khodaei was shot to death by unknown assailants on motorbikes who ambushed him outside of his home in central Tehran.

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Reports indicated that Khodaei was the deputy commander of the IRGC’s Unit 840, which is said to be responsible for abductions and assassinations around the world. In recent years, Iranian plots against Israelis have been thwarted in Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, Kenya and Columbia.

Other sources told the New York Times that Khodaei was a key figure in providing Hezbollan and Iranian proxies in Syria with advanced drone technology and tactical advice.

The Times — citing an unidentified intelligence official of unspecified nationality — reported on Wednesday that Israel notified Washington it was responsible for the hit. Israel blames the U.S. for the leak, saying it endangers Israeli lives and increases Tehran’s motivation for revenge.