Israel’s 10-month war on crime in Arab sector sees over 2,000 arrests

Police have seized around 600 weapons since launching Operation Safe Route.


The Israel Police said that it is continuing in its fight against the phenomenon of crime and violence in Arab society as part of the law enforcement operation “Safe Route.”

In the 10 months since the operation began, indictments for felonies were filed against 349 targets of criminal investigations.

The 349 were declared major perpetrators of crime.

And 2,083 suspects in total were arrested.

In the last 10 months, about 600 weapons including rifles and pistols were seized, 381 luxury vehicles were also seized in cooperation with the Tax Authority, 43 financial service providers were dealt with in 23 cities and towns throughout the country and 256 combined enforcement operations were carried out in cooperation with the various government ministries.

As part of the ‘Safe Route’ operation, the police officers of the Traffic Division work against drivers who commit traffic offenses and endanger all road users. All units of the division take part in the activity (national traffic police, motorcycle patrol, the central unit of the traffic division and a heavy vehicle unit).

So far, the traffic department has acted against hundreds of ‘safe route’ targets in the traffic field.