Israel’s first-ever single malt whisky goes on sale

The Milk & Honey Distillery has put the first-ever single malt whisky produced in Israel on an online auction.

Israel’s first whisky distillery is chalking up a new achievement with the first international auction of an alcoholic beverage produced in Israel.

The first bottles will be sold at the international online public auction, which begins August 11 and runs for a period of 10 days, as a special edition (1-100) of the “experimental series” for the first-ever single malt whisky produced and bottled in Israel.

The whisky is kosher. The distillery is very strict about the kosher certification of its products, ingredients and process, and its employees do not work on the Sabbath.

The Milk & Honey Distillery was founded in Tel Aviv, the first modern Hebrew city, in order to produce the first Israeli whisky, and it embodies the Israeli pioneer and entrepreneurial spirit.

After a three-year aging process in barrels, the product falls under the definition of whisky in Scotland and most countries around the globe.

Distillation of the barrel was done at the distillery’s early stages, ahead of the move to its new location in south Tel Aviv as well as before the current industrial equipment was purchased and the crowdfunding campaign was launched on Indiegogo.

International Expert Served as Consultant

The barrel was distilled in January 2014 at a kibbutz in the Sharon region by head distiller Tomer Goren together with the late master distiller Dr. Jim Swan, as part of his role as consultant to the distillery at the time. Swan, who passed away at the beginning of February 2017, never had the opportunity to taste his first Israeli masterpiece. Swan was considered an international expert on the production of whisky in warm climates and served as a consultant to leading distilleries around the world.

The liquid was aged for 30 months in a new, 225-liter American oak cask and then for another seven months in an ex-bourbon barrel in the distillery’s warehouse in Tel Aviv.

The whisky is mature and complex for its young age, characterized by hints of malted barley, with soft notes of orange along with a delicate woodsy taste, cinnamon, lemon and marzipan.

All bottles come in a special box, are hand numbered and include a personal parchment scroll.

The remaining bottles of the single malt are currently offered for sale at select stores throughout Israel with a very limited inventory.

By: World Israel News