Israel’s lone gold medalist auctioning off his medal

“I need the money,” Israel’s only Olympic gold medalist told Walla News, explaining his desire to sell his precious medal. 

By Joseph Wolkin. World Israel News

Gal Fridman, Israel’s only gold medal winner, is hoping to sell his elite prize.

The 43-year-old earned a gold medal in the Athens 2004 Olympic games in mistral windsurfing. It was his second medal after placing third in the Atlanta 1996 competition.

“I’m looking for an eBay expert that understands an auction of the rare item, the only one of its kind in Israel,” he wrote in a Monday Facebook post.

In June 2005, someone stole a safe from Fridman’s parents’ house, which included his medal. Eventually, a 7-year-old girl found it in a forest. At the time, he said “no amount of money will replace this medal.”

But times are different now. He told Israel’s Walla Sport “I need the money.”

Fridman’s Facebook post received over 100 comments. He responded to a handful of them, admitting he needs to sell his precious prize.

Fridman retired in 2008, and has since devoted his time to training a new generation of windsurfers.

The International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame held an induction ceremony for Fridman in 2005.