Israel’s MDA donates 6 all-terrain ambulances to Ukraine

“With these ambulances, medical teams in Ukraine will be able to save civilians’ lives – in any landscape,” said MDA Director-General, Eli Bin.


Israel’s Magen David Adom (MDA) emergency service has donated six all-terrain (4×4) ambulances to the people of Ukraine, following the continued war in the country and following a request by the health services and the Jewish community in Ukraine.

These ambulances have recently ended their service with MDA, are able to manoeuver through difficult terrain, and are intended to evacuate injured patients from destroyed areas.

The initiative was undertaken in collaboration with the Israeli Friends of MDA Association who recruited the family fund in honor of Ted Arison. The fund financed the preparation of the ambulances, as well as their transport on a flight with CAL Cargo Air to Belgium. The ambulances were then transferred on trucks to Poland, and from there to Ukraine.

Half of the ambulances will be used by the Jewish community in Ukraine, and the other three by the Ukraine Health Ministry.

The six ambulances donated to the people of Ukraine are in addition to the four armored ambulances that were donated a month ago to the health services in Ukraine.

MDA Director-General, Eli Bin stated that “Magen David Adom today bids farewell to six all-terrain ambulances that are able to evacuate patients from disaster areas and transfer them to our friends in Ukraine who require assistance. Today, as they have ended their service to the State of Israel in Magen David Adom, they are making their way to Ukraine as part of the widespread humanitarian support provided by MDA to Ukraine.”

“With these ambulances, medical teams in Ukraine will be able to save civilians’ lives – in any landscape. I thank the Arison family fund for their donation, through which we were able to prepare and transport the ambulances, and to other institutions for their rapid assistance and special cooperation, in order to save more lives during the heavy fighting in Eastern Europe,” he added.

MASHAV, Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation, and Israel’s Embassy in Hungary sent more than 13 tons of food and humanitarian supplies to Ukraine on Monday, as a part of Israel’s continued efforts to support the people of Ukraine.