Israel’s war with Hamas is ‘free world’s battle against the Evil Empire’ – Herzog

Israel’s president hosts AIPAC-led delegation of American members of Congress, ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned address in Washington.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli President Isaac Herzog met with American lawmakers Wednesday, as part of a visit organized by the pro-Israel lobby group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

The bipartisan AIPAC House delegation is being led by Maryland Democrat Steny Hoyer, and includes nine Members of Congress.

In announcing the group trip, Hoyer said the visit “comes at a decisive moment for our two nations.”

President Herzog hosted the delegation at the president’s residence in Jerusalem, and spoke with the lawmakers about Israel’s ongoing war against Hamas.

Herzog said the war against the terror group was a battle of “the free world” against an “Empire of Evil,” urging unity for Israel’s effort to destroy Hamas.

“I say repeatedly, we are utterly grateful to the United States of America for standing with us in this war,” Herzog said.

“And I’m very grateful to the President of the United States for being here at the beginning of the war and sending a clear message on behalf of the American people. And we also respect tremendously the bipartisan support that crosses all divides and conflicts within American society.”

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“We are fighting here the battle of the free world against the Empire of Evil. That’s why together we must stay together. And if we have anything to discuss, it should be discussed quietly.”

The bipartisan visit comes ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned address to a special joint session of Congress later this month.

Several prominent Democratic lawmakers, including Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have announced plans to boycott Netanyahu’s speech.

In the House of Representatives, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has called for Netanyahu to be barred from appearing, while California Democrat Ro Khanna announced this Sunday he would also boycott the Israeli premier’s speech.