Israel’s youngest coronavirus patient, age 11, in serious condition

The 11-year-old girl’s condition has declined significantly since she was rushed to a local hospital on Friday.

By Aaron Sull, World Israel News

Israel’s youngest coronavirus patient is struggling to survive after her condition quickly deteriorated over the weekend, reports Channel 13.

The 11-year-old girl, who had been staying at a coronavirus hotel in Tiberias, was rushed to a local hospital on Friday after experiencing high fever and abdominal pain.

On Saturday, doctors found that the coronavirus had caused the girl’s heart to become inflamed. Her condition deteriorated further on Sunday, forcing the medical team to place her in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator.

According to Dr. Amir Hadash, a senior doctor at Rambam’s pediatric intensive care unit, the girl is in “stable condition.”

Meanwhile, a recent rash of hospitalizations for coronavirus-infected children in the United Kingdom has caused the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) to issue an urgent alert. The children complained of stomach pains before being hospitalized.

“Over the last three weeks, there has been an apparent rise in the number of children of all ages presenting with a multisystem inflammatory state requiring intensive care across London and also in other regions of the UK,”  NHS said in a statement on Sunday.

“There is a growing concern that a [coronavirus] related inflammatory syndrome is emerging in children in the UK, or that there may be another, as yet unidentified, infectious pathogen associated with these cases,” the statement added.

Although the reason coronavirus has generally not affected children remains unknown, the prevailing theory is that a child’s immune system kills off the virus faster than an adult’s immune system, which is generally weaker.

Notwithstanding the data coming out of the UK, governments such as Israel’s and Australia’s are pushing to reopen schools.