Jenin-area terrorists claim rocket launch at Israeli town

A group affiliated with Hamas is taking credit for the alleged attack.

By Pesach Benson, TPS

Palestinian terrorists claimed they fired a rocket from the Jenin area towards an Israeli moshav on Thursday.

The Israel Defense Forces did not immediately comment on the Palestinian media reports. The alleged rocket launch did not trigger any alerts and there have been no reports of damage or injuries.

A Hamas-affiliated terror group calling itself the Al-Ayyash Battalion claimed in a video posted on Telegram that it fired the rocket at Moshav Ram-On.

The moshav, an agricultural community, is located in Israel’s Gilboa region a short distance from Jenin and on the Israeli side of the 1949 Armistice Line.

The claimed launch raises questions about the effectiveness of a Palestinian Authority crackdown on terror groups following an Israeli military operation inside the UN-administered Jenin refugee camp in early July.

During the two-day incursion, Israeli security forces uncovered rocket-making laboratories and seized a homemade rocket launcher.

Earlier this month, the Al-Ayyash Battalion fired two rockets from the same area towards the Jewish community of Shaked in northern Samaria.

Also in July, an “old improvised rocket” with “no explosives” was found in Ram-On.