PALESTINIAN RIVALRY: Journalist injured by gunfire at celebration of Tel Aviv terror attack

‘Al-Quds’  journalist Ali Samoudi was wounded by gunfire during the “celebratory procession.”

By World Israel News Staff

Crowds of terrorists took to the streets in Jenin Saturday night in celebration of the Tel Aviv shooting attack that claimed the life of patrol officer Chen Amir, a 42-year-old father of three.

The assailant, who hailed from the Jenin area, was affiliated with Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Telegram blogger Abu Ali Express reports that according to channels affiliated with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the Palestinian Authority’s security forces intervened to suppress the “celebratory procession,” using live fire and tear gas to disperse the crowds, and made two arrests.

Journalist Ali Samoudi from the Al-Quds newspaper was injured by gunfire during the event. Supporters of Fatah and the PA’s Palestinian Security Services claim that the source of the shooting was “armed militants” who participated in the procession and fired celebratory shots into the air, Abu Ali Express reported, adding that according to their statements, this is why PA security intervened.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad, rivals of the PA, have gained popularity in Judea and Samaria, particularly in terror hotbeds like Jenin.