Jenin terrorists launch rocket towards northern Israel

Hamas-affiliated group claims responsibility after rocket launched from northern Samaria.

By Pesach Benson, TPS

The Israeli Defense Forces confirmed Sunday that Palestinian terrorists launched a rocket from northern Samaria towards the Gilboa region of northern Israel, while noting that the projectile landed in a Palestinian area.

A Hamas-aligned terror group called al-Ayash circulated a video of the rocket being fired at Moshav Ram On, an agricultural community in northern Israel.

The IDF said it found a launcher in the Palestinian village of Silat al-Harithiya, near Jenin.

Oved Nur, head of the Gilboa Regional Council called on the security establishment to take stronger protective measures.

“The IDF and the security forces are doing an excellent job, and we give them full backing, [but] on the other hand, as we have said again and again, there is a significant and urgent need to reinforce the security and protection measures required for the Gilboa settlements in general, and those near the fence in particular,” Nur said.

“We demand that an Iron Dome be deployed in our area and act proactively in the territory of the authority to reduce the motivation to harm the citizens of the country. In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that the situation in the council is completely routine.”

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This is the seventh attempted rocket launch from northern Samaria.

In the last three months, Palestinian terror groups in the Jenin area have launched a rocket towards Ram On, which has with more than 900 residents.

Iran has been helping terror groups in northern Samaria develop infrastructure to produce rockets and improvised explosive devices.

Israeli forces intercepted two attempts to smuggle in Iranian explosives around the end of August. In the first instance, reported on Aug. 24, Arab Israeli citizens were caught in Lod with Claymore mine-type explosives directly linked to Hezbollah.

In the second case, just three days later, two large explosives were seized during an attempt to smuggle them from Jordan into Israel.

In July, the military carried out a major counterterrorism operation in the city of Jenin, including the Jenin refugee camp, which Palestinians have dubbed “the Martyr’s Capital.” The IDF uncovered laboratories for producing bombs, a rocket launcher and other weapons.