Jordanian coffee shop mocks Holocaust with burning Star of David marshmallow drink

The hashtag slogan was ‘Feel the Arabic taste.’ 

By World Israel News Staff

A Jordanian coffee shop called Gosta advertised on social media a drink mocking the Holocaust.

The coffee drink is called Holo-Gosta, a combination of the name of the shop with a prefix to make it sound like the word “Holocaust.”

According to the company’s promotion, the drink is served with marshmallows with blue stars of David that are lit on fire.

A flyer featuring the drink with a background of a Palestinian flag, a gloved hand, and a blowtorch was posted on the coffee shop’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The hashtag slogan was “Feel the Arabic taste.”

The advertisement sparked a furore on social media, with many commenters wondering why the post was allowed to remain on the platforms.

Gosta coffee shop representatives expressed disgust at the reaction and complained  about  “a campaign of attacks” due to “Zionist objections to the drink.”

They said, “We will remain supportive of the Palestinian cause despite all these threats.”

The coffee shop also blamed “Zionists” for the fact that their Google rating was below 2 stars, although it’s not clear that the rating was any higher before the advertising campaign and the ensuing outrage.

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Millions of bodies of Jewish victims were incinerated in the crematoria of Auschwitz during the Holocaust. In addition, many victims of the October 7th massacre were burned, in many cases, while still alive, by Hamas terrorists.

The coffee shop in Jordan isn’t the first to launch antisemitic advertising campaigns following October 7th.

A Huwara pizzeria in used the image of an elderly woman hostage in its advertisements before the IDF forcibly closed the establishment.