Jordanians try to storm Israeli embassy, ‘Middle East on edge of an abyss’ says king

Jordanian king slams Israel for misfired terror rocket on hospital, says his country will not admit any Gazan refugees.

By World Israel News Staff

Hundreds of protesters attempted to storm the Israeli embassy in Amman on Tuesday evening, following a misfired rocket by a Gazan terror group that killed hundreds at a hospital in the Strip.

Hamas blamed Israeli for the strike, prompting the IDF to swiftly release video and intercepted communications proving that the rocket had been fired by the Islamic Jihad terror group and fallen short in the coastal enclave.

Despite that evidence, both the Jordanian government and protesters in the streets continued to hold Israel responsible for the tragedy.

In social media footage circulating from the protest, demonstrators are seen violently clashing with Jordanian police, who have to physically prevent them from breaking in to the Israeli embassy.

Police fired tear gas in order to disperse the crowd.

Many of the protesters held flags bearing the symbols of Hamas and other terror groups.

Protests were seen in other Middle Eastern cities on Tuesday night.

In Istanbul, thousands of protesters gathered at the Israeli embassy and launched fireworks at the building.

Hundreds of Lebanese demonstrators gathered in Beirut, fighting police and setting a building adjacent to the U.S. embassy on fire.

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In Ramallah, thousands of Palestinian demonstrators demanded that wildly unpopular PA President Mahmoud Abbas resign, due to his alleged inaction following the hospital blast.

Jordanian King Abdullah II was among the Arab voices swiftly condemning Israel for the hospital bombing, calling the incident a “massacre” and a “war crime” hours after the explosion on Tuesday.

But Abdullah did not walk back his comments after the IDF denial of responsibility and footage showing the strike was the fault of Islamic Jihad.

“The whole region is on the brink of falling into the abyss,” Abdullah said earlier on Tuesday, following a meeting German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin.

During that meeting, Abdullah stressed that his country would provide no refuge whatsoever from Gazans fleeing from the ongoing war.

“On the issue of refugees coming to Jordan — and I think I can quite strongly speak on behalf not only of Jordan as a nation but of our friends in Egypt — that is a red line,” he said.

Abdullah said that the issue of the welfare of Gazans “has to be dealt with inside Gaza and the West Bank.”