Jordan’s king says relationship with Israel is on ‘pause’

“The two-state solution in my mind, and I know in the majority of European countries, is the only way forward,” King Abdullah said.

By World Israel News Staff

Jordan’s King Abdullah has said his country’s ties with Israel are on “pause” during an exclusive interview with Marc Perelman of France 24 published on Monday.

The king claimed that the cooling in the relationship is due to the political turmoil Israel is facing after not being able to form a government after two elections.

“We hope that the Israeli people will decide on a government sooner rather than later, and then we can all see how to move forward,” he said.

King Abdullah was asked what he meant by saying there will be “severe consequences” if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu follows up with his intention to annex Judea and Samaria.

The monarch did not respond directly to the question, saying only that “Jordan is strategically committed to peace between Jordan and Israel, and that is a major element of stability in the region.”

The only way to move forward, he said, is to maintain “stability for the Middle East,” which means “stability between the Israelis and the Palestinians.”

“The two-state solution in my mind, and I know in the majority of European countries, is the only way forward,” he stated.

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Perelman asked again what the king would do if Israel does annex the territory.

“The relationship is important” but has been “on pause for the past two years,” Abdullah replied. “We will have to wait to see what the Israeli people decide.”

As for the U.S. administration’s as-yet-unrevealed Mideast peace plan, the king alleged that “Trump is in cahoots with Benjamin Netanyahu.”

“I’ve had numerous discussions with President Trump on this issue. I think he understands what is needed to bring Israelis and Palestinians together,” Abdullah said. “I think that we are waiting for the plan to be unveiled by the team, and as a result, that has been a gray area for all of us.”