Judicial reform supporters prepare for ‘million man’ pro-overhaul rally in Jerusalem

Hundreds of thousands of right-wing voters expected to demonstrate in support of current coalition, judicial reform at large Jerusalem protest.

By Adina Katz, World Israel News

Right-wing politicians and activists are preparing for a massive demonstration in support of potential reforms to Israel’s judicial system, with hundreds of thousands of people expected to join the rally in Jerusalem on Thursday evening.

Called the “March of the Million,” protest organizers, including the Tkuma 23 and Chotam organizations, are urging members of the public who voted for the current right-wing coalition and support reforms to the legal system to attend the demonstration.

Buses will transport people from the northern and southern peripheral regions, as well as municipalities in the center of the country, to the protest in Jerusalem.

The demonstration comes after left-wing protesters have repeatedly held large rallies across the country for months, many of which saw critical thoroughfares, such as Ayalon Highway, blocked for hours at a time, public transportation including trains and buses prevented from running, and daily life seriously disrupted throughout the Jewish State.

Major roads in Israel’s capital city will be blocked starting at 3 p.m. ahead of the right-wing protest.

Prominent politicians, including Justice Minister Yariv Levin (Likud), who is a key architect of the overhaul, Finance Minister Betzalel Smotrich of Religious Zionism, and Energy and Infrastructure Minister Israel Katz (Likud) are expected to speak at the protest.

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In a video promoting the demonstration released on Wednesday, Levin addresses right-wing voters and says “I need you. We need everyone to come to Jerusalem tomorrow in droves to make sure a clear voice is heard in favor of the reform, in favor of real democracy, in favor of justice.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not be attending the demonstration.

Notably, a well-respected Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) newspaper called upon members of the community to avoid joining the protests.

“We are in favor of legal reform and against the dictatorial takeover of peoples’ lives by liberal terrorism. But members of the Haredi community should stay away,” read an article in Yated Ne’eman, which is affiliated with the Degel HaTorah faction within United Torah Judaism, a party in the current coalition. The Degel HaTorah faction holds ambivalent views about Zionism and is reluctant to identify with the State of Israel.

“Those who go to right-wing demonstrations are not part of our audience, period. Those who go to right-wing demonstrations are not one of us.”