LA synagogue receives anonymous antisemitic letter, vial with unknown substance

The letter referred to a prior antisemitic and violent incident that occurred earlier this year.

By World Israel News staff

A Los Angeles synagogue was the recipient of an antisemitic letter and a vial containing an unknown substance on Tuesday, US and Israeli media reported.

LAPD were notified of the incident that morning, and a hazmat team was deployed to the Congregation of Mogen David.

The vial was found to be harmless, according to LAPD’s Sgt. Anthony Bonner, but it remains unidentified.

“It appears to be a hate crime and that is how we are treating it. The messages in the letter included threats to harm synagogue worshipers and harsh statements against Jews,” Bonner said.

He added that the letter included a reference to another antisemitic incident that took place during Israel’s confrontation with Gaza in May.

“Some local Jews were eating at a local restaurant and serious accusations related to Palestinians were hurled at them,” he said.

At the time, pro-Palestinian demonstrators attacked the restaurant goers in a violent brawl. The incident was caught on a bystanders camera and showed a car flying Palestinian flags driving by as they chanted “Death to Jews!”