Lebanon arrests military officer accused of collaborating with Israel

The Lebanese claim they have busted a ring operating for Israel. 

By: World Israel News Staff

The Lebanese military police have recently arrested a senior officer involved in collaborating with Israel and helping it cover its spies’ tracks for money.

The al-Akhbar newspaper reported Monday that the officer was suspected of releasing Lebanese detainees arrested for collaborating with Israel and erasing names of those wanted for questioning in connection with their alleged actions on Israel’s behalf.

A woman and four men were also arrested in connection with the alleged plot, the report said. Some have since been released.

The collusion was supposedly exposed after Lebanese military intelligence investigated the officer as part of a corruption case. The investigation led to the exposure of the officer’s actions.

The report says that the officer was first interrogated and then released, enabling authorities to monitor his actions and gather additional evidence against him.

Israel has not commented on the reports.

There have been previous reports of alleged exposures of Israeli surveillance efforts within Lebanon.