‘Liberating the country’ – Fires set, 6 arrested during violent protest at Levin’s home

Several arrested after lighting fires, attacking police outside Justice Minister’s home; Demonstrators pledge that “the struggle will intensify.”

By World Israel News Staff

Anti-judicial reform protesters held a rare daytime protest outside of the home of Justice Minister Yariv Levin on Tuesday morning, culminating in physical clashes with police officers, roads being blocked off, and fires lit in the middle of a residential street.

Several hundred protesters gathered in front of Levin’s residence in the central Israel city of Modi’in, as lawmakers confirmed that a bill aimed at ending the so-called “reasonableness clause” is currently on the Knesset agenda.

Demonstrators burned multiple tires in the heart of the normally quiet residential neighborhood, placed barbed wire on roadways, physically blocked cars attempting to enter and exit the area, and refused to allow police to reach the scene.

In pictures and videos from the scene, protesters can be seen shoving and scuffling with police, triggering officers to physically restrain some demonstrators and deploy pepper spray.

After interfering with the police’s ability to operate, six protesters were arrested.

“Today, it’s already clear to everyone who really rules this country and is leading it to devastation, but we’ll liberate it from him,” said the demonstration’s organizers, the Brothers in Arms group, which is composed of IDF veterans.

“In the coming weeks we’ll intensify the struggle for the country’s character, and the nation of Israel must in all its might join the efforts to safeguard democracy.”

Levin released his own statement slamming the police for what he said was a sluggish response to the chaos, and criticizing the left-wing opposition parties and attorney general for staying silent regarding the violence at anti-judicial overhaul protests.

“The violent incidents, the open calls for rebellion, the threats and incitement to violence… have up to now not earned a single word of public comment on the part of the attorney general or her team,” Levin noted.

“The attorney general and the law enforcement system under her are ignoring the violence, if not winking at the instigators, and allowing the lawlessness to run wild,” he continued.

Levin said that it was a “miracle” that demonstrators did not burn a residential home or apartment building while they set multiple tires alight in the neighborhood.

The protest only strengthens Levin’s will to pass judicial reform legislation, he said.

“I’m determined. They won’t succeed in deterring me. I will not budge from my path. I will perform the mission the public entrusted me with. The reform must pass.”