Likud MK causes storm: Young people will leave Israel if Netanyahu doesn’t lead it

Some took issue with Golan’s flattering remarks on Netanyahu’s 70th birthday.

By World Israel News Staff

Mai Golan, a former Knesset member in the last parliament, caused a social media storm when she posted a video saying that young people will abandon Israel if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t continue to lead it.

The video was shot on a cellphone during the prime minister’s 70th birthday. Golan stands beside Netanyahu, who sits at his desk with a plastic plate and some food, and tells him that the young people she represents tell her they will leave Israel if Netanyahu doesn’t stand at the head of the government.

“I wanted to tell you, as someone who represents the young and goes around a lot in Israel and in the world meeting many young Jews, and given the present situation, I wanted very much to tell you now: Young people say to me that they don’t see their future in this state and they don’t see a future for their children in this state if you don’t continue to lead the country,” she said.

“I say in the name of all the young that I represent that love and admire you. You don’t have any idea how many we’re talking about around the world. We hope with God’s help that you’ll continue to lead and this birthday will be a blessing not only for you but for the whole nation of Israel and the young,” she added.

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Yediot Ahronot said the prime minister looked embarrassed but shook Golan’s hand, kissed her on the cheeks and thanked her.

Yediot reported that Golan’s video led to criticism from some quarters. But Golan brushed off the negative comments about her flattering remarks. She designated the criticism as “the best of the spirit of hate in the left-wing camp.”

“Not Twitter, not Facebook, nor any kind of ‘talkback’ – only the citizens of the State of Israel that stop me on every street corner and thank me with tears, those are the ones that matter to me. I’m proud of every single word that I said to PM Netanyahu.”

Golan was ranked 34th on the Likud list following the September 17 elections, putting her outside the Knesset.