Long-lost Nazi submarine discovered off Turkey’s coast

The craft belongs to “Hitler’s lost fleet,” a group of submarines responsible for attacking Soviet ships on the Black Sea that was abandoned at the end of  World War II.

By World Israel News Staff

The Turkish Navy recently discovered the Nazi U-23 submarine, which sunk to the bottom of the Black Sea 75 years ago, not far from Istanbul.

Turkish newspaper the Daily Sabah posted to social media underwater footage of the wreck, which will be the subject of a forthcoming documentary film on “Hitler’s lost fleet.”

The fleet of six subs was was submerged in the Black Sea during World War II on a mission to attack Soviet ships. While a number of the subs were sunk during the war, the fleet successfully attacked dozens of Soviet ships, according to Russia Today (RT).

The Nazis deliberately sunk three of the fleet’s submarines in 1944 to prevent the Soviets from capturing them. The scuttled submarines were thus dubbed “Hitler’s lost fleet.”

According to RT, researchers also discovered another craft from the fleet, the U-20 submarine, in Turkish waters in 2008.

At this point, only one submarine from the fleet remains missing, the U-19, which some believe is located in the waters adjacent to Zonguldak, Turkey.