German virologist discovers new symptom of coronavirus

German virologist discovered another symptom caused by the coronavirus.

By Aaron Sull, World Israel News

Loss of taste and smell may be a symptom associated with the coronavirus, says German virologist Hendrik Streeck.

“Almost all infected people we interviewed, and this applies to a good two thirds, described a loss of smell and taste lasting several days,” Streeck told German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Monday.

“It goes so far that a mother could not smell the full diaper of her child. Others could no longer smell their shampoo, and food began to taste bland.” he said.

Streeck specified the stage at which these symptoms are likely to appear, and believes the chances of the symptoms presenting are higher the longer an infected person has the virus.

The German virologist also noted that diarrhea could be a symptom related to the coronavirus.

“Diarrhea also occurred in infected people in 30 percent of the cases, which is more common than previously thought,” he said.

Streeck’s assessment is based on interviews of infected persons in Heinsberg, a district particularly affected by the coronavirus,  as well as samples taken from the air, doorknobs, cell phones, remote controls, and toilet water.

Last week, reported that Heinsberg has 292 confirmed cases of the deadly virus.

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Streeck’s research team is also working on comparing a rapid blood test from a German company with the standard test. The rapid test is performed by taking a small blood sample from the fingertip that responds to any antibodies in the blood.

Meanwhile, Israel is working on a vaccine with the hope that it can be ready for use in a matter of months.

China also announced this week that it is launching clinical trials for a vaccine and U.S. officials began human trial testing on Monday of a potential vaccine as well.