Machine gun fire from Gaza hits Israeli homes; IDF attacks Hamas post

Palestinian media reported machine gun fire being directed from within Gaza at IDF aerial vehicles, and Israeli media reported that some bullets hit buildings in the border town of Sderot.

By: TPS and World Israel News Staff

On Wednesday, a number of homes in the Israeli city of Sderot were hit by machine guns fired by terrorists in the Gaza Strip, the IDF reported.

According to Sderot officials, army aircraft overhead were the apparent target of the gunfire, with the bullets entering the homes as they returned to the ground.

Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi called upon the IDF to respond “in full force” to the bullet fire. “Bullets should be regarded as missiles, and Hamas is responsible for everything that happens in Gaza,” said Davidi.

Several hours after the Sderot machine gun incident, IDF troops on the border again became the targets of gunfire from within Gaza, said the army.

The IDF attacked a Hamas post near the Gaza border on Wednesday, in response to Hamas operatives firing on IDF forces.

The incidents on Wednesday are the latest developments in the Hamas terror organization’s “March of Return” campaign, which is in reality a series of violent riots that has drawn tens of thousands of Palestinians to the Gaza-Israel border where they provoke IDF security forces and attempt to infiltrate Israeli territory.

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Monday was the deadliest day of rioting yet, with Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry reporting 62 people dead, 50 of whom Hamas itself admitted were members of the terror group.