Madonna defends bashing Trump during inauguration

Madonna defended her use of violent and profane language while assailing Trump. 

Madonna is defending her fiery, profanity-laden speech at the Women’s March on Washington, saying her words were “taken wildly out of context.”

The entertainer said at the Washington, DC, march Saturday that she was angry after the election and had thought “an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

In a statement Sunday on Instagram, Madonna said she was trying to express that there are two ways to respond to Trump’s election, with hope or with outrage. She said she hopes to effect change “with love.”

Madonna wrote that she doesn’t promote violence and that people should listen to her speech “in its entirety rather than one phrase taken wildly out of context.”

Cable news networks broadcasting her speech cut away after Madonna used several expletives. MSNBC later apologized.

During her speech, Madonna said it took “this horrific moment” of Trump’s inauguration as president to wake up the United States.

Saturday’s march means “that we are far from the end” and it is the start of a revolution to fight for the right to be free and equal, she added.

Like-minded Americans need to join together to make it “through this darkness” and show that “we are not afraid, that we are not alone,” she stated.

By: AP