Man shot dead in violent robbery

Israel experienced a violent crime-filled Monday night. 

An Israeli man was shot and killed Monday night during a crime related-incident at the center of town in Nesher, a city in northern Israel.

The victim, 20, a pizza delivery man, was shot by two masked assailants in an apparent robbery.

Eyewitnesses say the robbers were Arabs. They entered the pizza store and began to beat the people inside and smash property. After taking the money from the cash registry, they attempted to steal the victim’s motorcycle. He resisted and was shot, eyewitnesses recounted.

The two fled the scene on foot, and the police have launched a manhunt to capture them.

The victim was taken to Rambam hospital in Haifa for treatment, where he subsequently died of his wounds.

Shortly after this deadly incident, the police were notified of another shooting, this time in Kfar Saba, in the center of the country.

MDA medics treated a man who sustained serious gun wounds in another crime-related incident.

A few hours before that, a woman, 32 and pregnant, was shot and moderately wounded in Yaffo, a Tel-Aviv suburb. Her pregnancy is not threatened by the wound.

The police announced they have launched an investigation into all three incidents.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News