‘We’ll teach the occupation a lesson’: Over 350 rockets fired at Israel

By late afternoon, the IDF said it detected more than 300 rocket launches from Gaza.


Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip unleashed a massive barrage of rockets at Israel early Wednesday afternoon, breaking a daylong tense calm following the IDF’s targeted killing of three top Islamic Jihad members.

Rocket alert sirens blared across communities located along the Gaza border and the southern city of Ashkelon, and shortly afterwards in Tel Aviv.

Sources in Hamas told Lebanon’s pro-Hezbollah Al-Akhbar newspaper earlier Wednesday that “the response will be unified through the joining military of the resistance factions, and it will teach the occupation [Israel] a great lesson, and the responses will not be limited to a specific faction or a specific front, but rather all fronts are nominated to participate in the response.”

Thousands of Israelis living near the Gaza border have been evacuated since Tuesday’s targeted killings, with Defense Minister Yoav Gallant having approved the move in anticipation of rocket fire.

Evacuees are being bussed to hotels, hostels and guest houses throughout Israel, where they will be able to stay for three days, with the possibility of an extension depending on the security situation.

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Many other Gaza-area residents have temporarily relocated to other parts of the country on their own initiative.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday night said that he had authorized Tuesday morning’s targeted killings after more than 100 rockets were fired at Israel last week.

The IDF identified the targets as Khalil Bahitini, PIJ’s commander in northern Gaza; Jahed Ahnam, a senior member of the terror group’s “military” council; and Tarek Azaldin, who directed its activities in Judea and Samaria.

“Israel’s policy is clear: Those who seek to harm Israel will be harmed. Those who kill our citizens will pay a heavy price. And those who fire on our cities and civilians will be held responsible for their actions,” Netanyahu said.

“We are ready for the possibility of an expanded campaign and harsh strikes against Gaza,” he stated Wednesday.