Massive search finds missing boy – sleeping under his bed

Hundreds of volunteers searched through the night in the city of Bnei Brak for a missing 6-year-old, who was found the next morning asleep under his bed.

By World Israel News Staff

The frantic search for a missing child ended happily when the boy was found sleeping under his own bed, Ynet reported Wednesday.

When the 6-year-old boy was reported missing Wednesday, a command center was set up at Bnei Brak city hall and hundreds of volunteers combed the neighborhood through the night trying to locate him.

Searchers were told the boy was last seen Tuesday evening at 11:00 p.m. wearing an olive-colored T-shirt with boots printed on it, gray trousers and a black skullcap.

During the night cars with loudspeakers drove through Bnei Brak announcing the missing child and asking residents to assist in the search. Families with children joined the volunteer effort that lasted all night.

All’s well that ends well – the boy was discovered Wednesday morning asleep at home under his own bed.