Medal of honor for Ari Fuld, security minister urges

Terror victim and pro-Israel activist Ari Fuld “was a role model, and we should honor him for that,” Erdan stated.

By Jack Gold, World Israel News

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has asked Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh to convene the Honor Medal and Decoration Committee as soon as possible in order to considering honoring terror victim Ari Fuld, who was stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist at the Gush Etzion junction last month. Fuld fought his assailant and prevented more casualties before succumbing to his wounds.

After being critically wounded, Fuld, 45, an American-Israel and father of four, chased and shot his attacker before collapsing. He died later in a Jerusalem hospital.

Through his last moments of bravery, he prevented an attack of a larger scope, defense officials said. One woman he saved, an employee of the falafel shop in the Gush Etzion plaza where the incident occurred, said that Fuld, “a true hero,” saved her life, as the terrorist was pursuing her with his knife.

Erdan is pushing for the medal to be posthumously bestowed upon Fuld in the upcoming commendation ceremony later this month, Ynet reported. The minister asked that Fuld receive the Civilian Courage Award, the highest decoration, which is bestowed upon those who performed acts of supreme courage while endangering their own lives.

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“Ari Fuld demonstrated supreme courage while putting his own life on the line when in his final moments he chased the terrorist and neutralized him—thus saving the lives of other civilians,” Erdan wrote to the police chief.

“Ari fought for Israel beyond the battlefield, in the international arena, and was one of the activists in a network we have established to show the world the truth about Israel and expose the lies of its boycotters,” Erdan added. “Ari was a role model, and we should honor him for that.”