Merkel calls to ban burqa ‘wherever legally possible’

While fighting for re-election, Merkel calls for the banning of the burqa “wherever legally possible.”

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel called for the banning of the burqa “wherever legally possible” at the annual Christian Democrats (CDU) conference, where she is seeking re-election as head of the party.  

“In communication between people, which plays an essential role here, we have to show our faces,” she said. “So the full veil should be forbidden wherever legally possible.”

Merkel’s comments were made in a political environment where she has faced significant criticism domestically, even from members in her own party, with regards to her handling of the Syrian refugee crisis. Under Merkel’s leadership, Germany has been a leading European country absorbing refugees from the Middle East and Africa. 

While Merkel seeks a fourth term as chancellor, she will face stiff competition from the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party, which has not only called for the banning of burqa, but of minarets on mosques as well.

By: Jonathan Benedek, World Israel News