Mossad caught, interrogated another Iranian officer inside Iran

Yadollah Khedmati described his role in transferring weapons to Hezbollah and other Iranian proxies.

By David Hellerman, World Israel News

A senior officer in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps was captured and interrogated by Israeli agents on Iranian soil, according to a report by Iran International on Thursday.

The London-based TV station, which is supported by Saudi Arabia, reported that it obtained a video of Yadollah Khedmati, who it identified as the deputy chief of the IRGC’s logistics department.

“My name is Yadollah Khedmati and I work for the logistics department of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps under the command of [Ali Asghar] Norouzi,” he said in the video.

“Norouzi is the man behind all the transfers of missiles, weapons, or drones from the logistics department of the IRGC to neighboring countries and Hezbollah – and I work in Norouzi’s office and very much regret what I’m doing. I shouldn’t have done that, and I recommend all my coworkers to stop as well,” he said.

The IRGC is tasked with defending the clerical regime, preventing Iran’s army from seizing power and protecting the Islamic Republic from foreign meddling. It is believed to have more than 250,000 military personnel.

The IRGC also oversees relations with Iran’s proxy allies across the Middle East, such as Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis in Yemen, and various Shi’ite militias in Iraq.

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It wasn’t clear where in Iran Khedmati was abducted or when. Iran International‘s sources said information from Khedmati’s interrogation led to Argentina grounding a cargo plane carrying IRGC agents in June. Israeli media reported that the Iranians were planning to attack Israeli interests in South America.

One of the detainees, Capt. Gholamreza Ghasemi was a member of a shadowy Quds force unit within the IRGC responsible for carrying out attacks outside of Iran, according to Paraguayan intelligence chief Esteban Aquino.

Iran International reported that after the interrogation, Khedmati was released and sent home.

In May, the Mossad captured and interrogated another IRGC officer, Mansour Rasouli inside Iran. Rasouli admitted that he had been organizing a series of assassinations, including that of an Israeli. Rasouli reportedly now lives in Europe.

The interrogations come amidst Jerusalem’s “Octopus Doctrine.”

Its goal is to weaken and discredit the Iranian regime in the eyes of the public, create disarray within its security apparatus, and make Tehran itself pay a price for attacks by its regional proxies.

“We no longer play with the tentacles, with Iran’s proxies: we’ve created a new equation by going for the head,” explained then-Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in June.