Muslim kids stomp on Pride flag in Canada and that’s apparently okay with woke liberals

By Andrew Stiles, Washington Free Beacon

A group of adorable Muslim children stomped all over the LGBTQ+ Pride Flag on Friday at an “education over indoctrination” protest in Ottawa, Canada.

“Leave our kids alone,” shouted a woman wearing a traditional headscarf who appeared to be the mother of one of the children.

Posting a video of Muslim children stomping all over the American flag would be considered “Islamophobic,” but Muslim kids stomping on a Pride Flag is more challenging because it involves two “oppressed” minorities.

Woke liberals are temperamentally ill-equipped to process this kind of situation.

To feel morally superior, they convince themselves that white Christians are the only ones who disagree with their radical ideology.

Remember when The New York Times in 2012 nonsensically described George Zimmerman, the Hispanic man who killed black teenager Trayvon Martin, as a “white Hispanic”?