Muslims riot on Temple Mount, celebrate anniversary of ‘victory’ with removal of metal detectors

Arab rioters clashed with Israeli police on the Temple Mount after prayer services Friday, throwing fireworks at security forces before being evacuated. 

By: Adina Katz, World Israel News

Violence broke out on the Temple Mount Friday afternoon on the anniversary of what Arab rioters consider their “victory” exactly one year ago with the removal of metal detectors at the holy site.

The detectors were installed last year at the entrance for Muslim visitors to the compound following an Arab terror attack that claimed the lives of two Israeli policemen.

While non-Muslim visitors have been forced to pass through metal detectors at the Mughrabi Gate for years, Muslims had not been subject to the same screening in over a decade and a half at the 10 entrances through which only Muslims may pass.

Israel’s security cabinet eventually decided to dismantle the new security measure due to an uproar in the Muslim world and deadly Palestinian terror attacks in Israel.

When the Friday prayer service was over, rioters began throwing fireworks at security forces, the Jerusalem Police spokesperson said.

Police were ordered to empty the complex.

There were a number of arrests.