Nasrallah threatens Israel while coughing and appearing unwell

The Hezbollah leader appeared weak and seemed to have difficulty breathing in a video warning to Israel against any “violation of Jerusalem.”

By World Israel News Staff

Appearing weak and unthreatening, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah coughed intermittently in a video address warning Israel that any “violation” of Jerusalem would bring an end to the Jewish State.

“Israel must understand that a response to damage to the holy sites in Jerusalem will not be stopped within the borders of the resistance in Gaza,” the leader of the Lebanon-based terrorist organization declared.

“Israelis must understand that any such move means a regional war that will end in its destruction,” he said.

Nasrallah’s address was given on the 21st anniversary of Israel’s withdrawal from southern Lebanon, which was completed on May 25, 2000. It was his first televised speech since the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas came into effect on Friday following Operation Guardian of the Walls.

This latest escalation with Hamas began on May 10, when a rocket from Gaza reached the Jerusalem area in the early evening. Between six and seven rockets were fired in the barrage. A senior Hamas official told Gal Berger, Palestinian Affairs reporter for Kan News, that Hamas would not stop until Israel retreated from Al-Aqsa. Israeli police were forced to enter the Temple Mount plaza to deal with Arab rioters.

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“Gaza surprised both friend and foe” Nasrallah said.  “Israel misjudged the impact of its moves, until matters reached a point when resistance in Gaza would have to carry out its threats.”

Hamas, which was completely weakened during the 11 days of fighting, was launching rocket barrages and southern and central Israel. Several rockets from Lebanon were also fired at Israel.

Nasrallah said both groups are celebrating what he claimed are “two great victories” in May – Israel’s  2000 withdrawal from Lebanon and the recent ceasefire.

The Hezbollah leader has appeared less frequently in public amid rumors that he is unwell.