Nazi symbol flies over Hamas riot in Gaza Strip

Gaza rioters raised a Nazi symbol together with a Palestinian flag during Friday riots on the border. 

By World Israel News Staff

Some 6,000 Palestinians rioted along the Gaza-Israel border on Friday, throwing molotov cocktails, grenades and pipe bombs, Israel media report.

During the riots, a Nazi symbol was raised on the border fence. The IDF noted the symbol and tweeted: “The Nazi Swastika flag A symbol of murder And sheer hatred  Raised yet again At a Hamas riot Inside Gaza.”

“In the face Of this hatred Stand IDF soldiers Alert and determined Ready to defend lsrael Today and every single day.”

According to the Palestinians, 50 rioters were hurt during the day.

Israeli located a balloon bomb on Friday that floated in from the Gaza Strip near Kibbutz Lahav, located about 12 miles north of Beer Sheva in the Bnei Shimon region. The device was deactivated by a Israeli police sapper, Israel Hayom reports.

“I’m saddened that the settlements of Bnei Shimon are caught also in the line of fire in this routine and incessant war. We have national and local security forces, professional and strong, that afford us an envelope of meaningful protection,” said Nir Zamir, head of the Bnei Shimon Regional Council.

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An IDF officer and two soldiers were wounded on Wednesday night after a terrorist from the Gaza Strip breached the security fence into Israel and fired at the forces. The troops responded by shooting and killing the terrorist.

Gaza riots began in March 2018 and have occurred on a near-weekly basis since.